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Certificates Explained

Why am I writing this? First, these are my humble non-security-expert opinions. I can keep my computers safe, and I can make sure my programs are using proper security protocols. When I work with others and the subject of HTTPS

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Use Twitter Direct Messages to Support Your Customers

Recently, Twitter changed the rules for Direct Messaging, so you can message with someone you are not following. That makes it as clean as SMS/texting. I put together a simple app to illustrate how easy it is. You can grab

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Aspect CXP Programming Tips

CXP is Aspect’s latest IVR offering, with a long history behind it.  Simply stated, it is a comprehensive workflow engine for contact center applications, for IVR and beyond.  It takes time to appreciate all of the features; for now I’m

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IVR Unit Testing with VXML

Automated IVR Testing All software development technologies provide testing utilities so you can make changes run tests to make sure that a) your changes are doing what you expect, and b) you didn’t break anything.  I haven’t come across any

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Throughout the adoption of VXML, using a middle tier provided benefits.  The VXML spec doesn’t provide a dynamic DOM, so it is common to have server-side sessions generate VXML documents.  This provides benefits like: dynamic setting of <property> elements prompt

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Recording wav files on Windows 7

I wanted to record sound files quickly on Windows 7, to create some wav files for an IVR application.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing included in Windows 7 that handles it.  Sure, you can install Windows Media Encoder and the like, but

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Eclipse Plug-ins

I’m currently writing Eclipse plug-ins, leveraging the JWT project. There’s a great book for learning how to program plug-ins, and they have a site for it: If you use Eclipse, you should read Chapter One on the site (free);

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Updates to the Phone Service

Since the last posting, I’ve had some worthwhile experiences with my VOIP.First, the HT286 worked perfectly.  I’m working toward switching over my home phone services, too.  I picked up the Gransdstream HandyTone 503, which provides 2 phone lines for 2

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You are paying too much for your phone service

I wanted to test the quality of using a VOIP adapter with Google Voice (GV).  I have to say it is excellent.  The latency is not noticeable, compared with a 1s-2s potential delay if you are using a soft-phone (especially

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Building a LYME server – Linux Yaws Mnesia Erlang

A LYME server is Linux Yaws Mnesia Erlang – similar to how LAMP is Linux Apache (Tomcat) MySQL PHP, but of course, this system focuses on functional programming. I started studying functional programming awhile ago.  It’s pretty interesting. Here are

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