Natural Microsystems Vox Wav files

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Seeing that some of the google search traffic I receive is around NMS sound files, let me provide a little insight.

NMS sound files are recorded in their own proprietary format, optimized for quality and performance.

The NMS vox files are NOT the same as the Dialogic VOX files.

If you have some NMS VOX files that you need to convert, the easiest way is to convert them where some NMS software is installed (probably on the IVR machine itself).

Here’s a Windows command line command to convert a folder of  NMS files to WAV files:

for %1 in (*.vox) do VCECOPY %1 %~n1.wav -c44M16

-c44M16 means output encoding is 44mhz mono 16-bit.

If the NMS file is indexed (use VCEINFO to figure it out), meaning it contains more than one recording – kind of like a ZIP file contains a bunch of files – you’ll have to use a manual technique something like the following:

vcecopy messages.vox 0.wav -c44M16 -m0,0

vcecopy messages.vox 1.wav -c44M16 -m1,0

vcecopy messages.vox 2.wav -c44M16 -m2,0

Using Excel, you can write some equations to build a list of commands.  Using some advanced command line utilities – perhaps Windows PowerShell or grep, depending on the platform you are using.

If you need any help with decoding/encoding from one format to another, drop me a line.  NMS, Dialogic, Talx, raw PCM, GSM, whatever.

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