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Unit Testing Managed Speech Server Applications

Unit testing code is important.  If you make code changes in a library that other people are using, you want to make sure all of the code works as expected.  Using NUnit is great for that.

However, when it comes to speech applications, you probably manually test your applications before each release.

If you are writing managed code for Office Communications Server 2007 Speech Server, and you are using a SIP for your telephony lines, I have something that will help you automate your testing.  I created a simple class that will send SIP INFO requests to the caller if they include "log=true" in the SIP URI parameters.  It basically works like this:

  1. Call into your application and then generate a test script based on the call log.
  2. Run the customized OutboundCalls application, passing your newly generated script as the script to run.
  3. The OutboundCalls application will automatically go through the application, following the same path.

Attached is the unit testing code, a demo and some basic instructions.  Open the UnitTesting solution and read the ReadMe.htm file for all the details.

Happy Testing!