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Updates to the Phone Service

Since the last posting, I've had some worthwhile experiences with my VOIP.First, the HT286 worked perfectly.  I'm working toward switching over my home phone services, too.  I picked up the Gransdstream HandyTone 503, which provides 2 phone lines for 2 SIP trunks. The first thing I noticed during the echo test, was that the latency was much lower then the 286's.  That joy was short-lived, though.  My outgoing sound path started having lots of jitter.  The incoming sound was perfectly clear, but people would tell me my voice was breaking up.  I could recreate this in the echo test.  After a minute or two, the sound quality was pitiful. Basically, it was a QOS problem.  I tried setting the QOS properties on the 503, but it didn't help.  Even though my router had VOIP QOS settings, they didn't seem to work.  I replaced the stock firmware on my wireless router with dd-wrt, configured QOS, and the problem disappeared!  I even performed a bandwidth download/upload test, and there was no loss of quality. I'll be porting my home phone number to my SIP trunk provider real soon:) Eric